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A global vision of your website, designed and optimized to be visible on the search engines!

Design & redesign of websites: your showcase website

Most of the companies now have a website. Essential to attract new customers and improve your visibility on the net, your website gives you a modern corporate image. It conveys and supports your corporate image and the values of your company. As you have probably already noticed yourself, when you visit a site that is slow, visually or functionally complicated or has a dated style, your instinct tells you to go elsewhere. Your site will often be the first opportunity for a potential customer to interact with you, and first impressions are extremely important, just like in face-to-face meetings. You certainly do not want to be remembered for a frustrating, slow, stagnant site. The unfortunate truth of our day is that talent alone is not enough to have the projects you deserve. The selection of a design and the navigation on your site is vital when you want to attract and keep a prospective customer's attention long enough to impress. A website is, for many Internet users, their first contact with your company, not to neglect! Responsive, it can be consulted on computer, tablet and mobile phone and meet the requirements of search engines to be better referenced.

I will accompany you in the creation of your site and your future identity on the web.

Website design & redesign: e-commerce website.

Whether to reach professionals or individuals, e-commerce sites invade the web and are now part of our daily life. I create your site in WordPress and adapt it to your needs and desires to meet your expectations and those of your customers. Responsive, it can be consulted on computer, notebook, tablet and mobile phone and will be better referenced by search engines but also better appreciated by users. An audit, graphic design, hosting your site, optimization of its SEO: I have all the resources necessary to offer an e-commerce solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

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