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A relevant and ergonomic content

Adapt your marketing content to the expectations of your customers!


audit de site web - audit seo - création - marketing

Need to know if your website is on top ?

Audit of your site in terms of ergonomics and content

Why audit your website?

Content marketing is at the heart of your Inbound Marketing strategy. It has a high-impact on your SEO, as well as on the management of your e-reputation and your domain authority.

Content is an asset for converting your visitors, as well as getting a better place in the search engines. But for it to be beneficial, it needs to be thoroughly analyzed on a regular basis to highlight good and bad practices.

You absolutely must adapt your marketing content to the expectations of your customers … and Google!

The principle of the audit of content

A content audit is a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the content strategy implemented on your website. It looks at key keys, such as the number of visits or the bounce rate, plus it also studies more subjective data, about the relevance of the content and its suitability to your goals.

Your content can be very well referenced and generate many visits, without having the benefits to attend. Being positioned on keywords related to your business does not guarantee the quality of your content. To ensure a correct and comprehensive audit, it will be necessary to consolidate a lot of data for the convincing old study, useful for improving your content marketing strategy over the long term.

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