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On-site actions: improved page loading speed, URL structure, internal mesh ...

Actions on the content: content analysis and optimization of the semantic universe (keywords, topics, layout ...)

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I create your showcase, institutional, e-commerce website according to your needs and respecting your brand image and your visual identity!



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We prepare detailed specifications for your needs and project. A free estimate, valid for three months, will allow you to make your decision in all tranquility.




Pricing & Services for web design


The prices for redesigning and designing websites will be calculated taking into account your needs.

You will find below some examples of prices, which will be adjusted according to your project.

Prices include training on your admin space to allow you to be autonomous to make textual changes,

animate your blog, enter your product sheets and make updates to your theme and extensions.

Are not includes the writing or the optimization of contents, the internal referencing/SEO,

the translation of your site in French. I calculate the cost of additional services according to

the complexity of the site, the number of pages, the competitive environment (for SEO).

I also propose an annual fee for the maintenance (updates & security) of your site.


pricing & services for webdesign -SEO


WordPress site design

Responsive website design

6 pages + contact / quote forms


pricing & services webdesign - e commerce website


WordPress site design

Responsive design

10 pages + contact / quote forms


pricing & services webdesign - e commerce website

    from 1999€

WordPress site design

Responsive design

15 pages + contact / quote forms / technical features

Additional services

SEO - traffic management: from 300€/month.

Because it is not sufficient to have a beautiful design website to be visible, I work on internal SEO from its conception. If you

want to go further, I also offer SEO services to propel your site locally, nationally or internationally, in the longer term,

including by implementing advertising campaigns on Google Adwords. Of course, this includes the implementation of

Google Analytics and other ways to make statistics to track the evolution of your site's search engine visibility and

analyze the behavior of your visitors to readjust its internal referencing.

I can also establish your graphics and editorial charter and make an audit of your current Internet site.

I will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made quote, adapted to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question about my prices & services!

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