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& website redesign

Webdesign: showcase, e-commerce, institutional, events. Redesigning your website to optimize ergonomics and design.


Be visible on the internet !

SEO: your website has to be visible on search engines like Google. Let your clients be able to find your website anytime! 


Speed up your website !

Optimizing the loading speed of your website: do not let run away your customers because of a site that is not fast! Let me help you to speed it up !

Digit2Go: Your success goes with your visibility on the web: an ergonomic and attractive website supplied with SEO in line with your competitive environment so as with your objectives are the keys! 

Today the digital can adapt to any industry; the question is instead to find the best way to use it to facilitate the customer's life.

And making the customer's life easier is a crucial issue that will shape the growth and success of your business.
Digital occupies a significant place in our lives, in our society, which is why we must look at it at all costs, at the risk of being, one day or another, put aside (because your competitors 'have done it before you').

Proposing a website to offer your services or products is essential today but not enough. Regarding the increasing competition, it will be necessary to stand out and aim for the first page of search engines.


And that's where web marketing comes in!

You will have to define a robust digital marketing strategy, complementary to your overall communication plan and in the spirit of your business strategy, so it is necessary to determine your objectives relevantly, to set up an SEO strategy and boost your visibility on the Web.

Stand out from your competitors by finding a different axis with keywords that will allow you to be among the first.

So it will be necessary to analyze your competitive environment, keep a watch on the indexing practices of search engines, be on the lookout for Internet search habits.


The speed of display and its impact on your website traffic.

The loading speed of a site strongly impacts the user experience well before arriving on the site. It is the first impression that the user will have of your website, well before seeing any visual and having an experience of navigation that would not necessarily be very ergonomic.
The impact of speed influences many criteria, which can become a force for a site with good performance or, on the contrary, be a real obstacle to the achievement of its objectives.

The improvement of the loading speed of a site, necessaries optimizing the web pages by reducing the weight of the images, a caching of the navigator, the elimination of the Javascript and CSS codes above the waterline, to reduce the size of Javascript resources ...

You now understand that to obtain satisfactory results concerning your website it is not enough to just have a beautifully designed site and that it is essential to do a real job of SEO and optimization of it!


So, convinced by the importance of the global support of your website and ready to realize your digital transformation?

Do not hesitate: contact me and ask for your free Digit2Go quote without any obligation, today!

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